Bonsai trees

Bonsai guide

Each record in our database has various attributes described below. For bonsai trees profiles, check links below this general description, please. Or click here in order to do so.

Latin name

latin name of a bonsai tree

Common name

common name of a bonsai tree


basic description of each tree


Generally, two options:
- outdoor (all bonsai trees except indoor specimens)
- indoor


Light: Recommended and required light level.

indoor bonsai :
bright position - all positions near window are good.
full light - it means the position of south orientated window. Avoid direct sunlight during midday using curtain or drapery.
from bright to shiny - it means south, west and east windows.

Temperature and exposure

The down limit of temperature. Temperatres lower than mentioned on each profile might cause death or serious damages to a tree.

Pruning and forming

The best method for pruning and forming a bonsai tree.

Soil and replanting

General information on soil types use and replanting periods, including the first time for replanting.

Watering and fertilization

Basic information on watering and fertilization. How often, how much.


The best and fastest method to reproduce, obtain or even buy a bonsai tree.


Styles which are suitable for each tree species.


This is a place for pictures of real Ficus bonsai trees. If you have any, send us them and they will be published with your copyright and link to your site if necessary.