Bonsai trees

The Boxwood bonsai

Latin name

Buxus microphylla var. sinica

Common name

Boxwood, Littleleaf boxwood, Small-leaved boxwood


The Buxus genus includes little trees and bushes with little evergreen leafs. You can find male and female flowers on them. This tree flowers during April. Although some bonsai hobbyists frown upon this bush, they can look really beautiful if trained and pruned correctly, it is often bad training that results in poorer results rather than the quality of the bush. They are very hardy and can withstand hard pruning, the trunks can be trained and wired into excellent styles so they are also ideal for new practitioners to bonsai.




Light: It is recommended to keep it at bright and shiny places. During summer, it is very good to put them outside.

Temperature and exposure

During winter keep within temperatures varying between 10°C and 15°C.

Pruning and forming

The cutting method is the best for forming this bonsai tree. Start with cutting after two years of growing. Because Buxus has soft crust, don't use wire for forming purposes. They are very slow growers and as such pruning is easy to keep under control.

Soil and replanting

Planting a tree into the bonsai pot should be done when it reaches three years of age; You should consider replanting each three or five years. Use soil which consists of three parts of argillaceous rock, 5 parts of peat, and 2 parts of sand or granulate clay.

Watering and fertilization

Must be watered often throughout the Summer season. Water it occasionally when it comes to the Winter period. Fertilize every week starting in Spring and ending at the end of August. Start fertilizing once new shoots develop. They can withstand small amounts of being under-watered but this practice is not advised and a regular watering regime should be adhered to.


Yearly by seeds, by division and by cuttings.


The Informal Upright style, The Bevelled style, The Half-Cascade style, The Tree on a Rock style, The Tree in a Rock style, The Double-Base style, The Forest style, The Saikei are suitable for this bonsai. Can grow in various sizes.


This is a place for pictures of real Ficus bonsai trees. If you have any, send us them and they will be published with your copyright and link to your site if necessary.

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