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The Ficus bonsai

Published: 02/27/2007

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The ficus family contains many sub species, there at least 1000-2000 classified species belonging to this group which can be found all over the world. The fruit of this tree can be found with many colour variations and they make a great addition to any bonsai collection. They do produce a lot of sap so wounds will need to be treated when making any cuts to the trunk and large branches.

We will publish a detailed article on this bonsai soon.


indoor. They can be kept outside in the summer but later in the year as temperatures fall they must be brought back inside as they have no tolerance with frost.


Light: It is recommended to keep it at bright and sunny situations. Avoid direct midday sun using drapery or other protection. During summer, it is very good to put them outside once the temperature has exceeded 15°C. After defoliation it is wise to move them to a shady area for a couple of weeks to allow the tree to recover.

Temperature and exposure

Keep at 15°C and higher temperatures.

Pruning and forming

You can shape this tree with wiring but keep a close eye on the growth and as the wire tightens this should be removed before it cuts into the bark. The tree can be re-wired anually until the desired effect is achieved. Let them grow continuously during the first year and wiring etc. should commence in their second year. Prune new growth on a regular basis using defoliation for larger leaves and divide one shoot into two smaller.

Soil and replanting

Planting a tree into the bonsai pot should be done when it becomes at least three years old; You should consider replanting every two years. Use soil which consists of three parts of argillaceous rock, 5 parts of peat, and 2 parts of sand or granulate clay.

Watering and fertilization

The soil must be kept moist but not allowed to dry out completely. Fertilize every week from Spring to Autumn. During the Winter periods, fertilize every 2 or 4 weeks depending on conditions and requirements.


By cutting at any time. Or by seeds.


Is suitable for all styles types and can grow in various sizes. Bear in mind that trees with small leafs should grow smaller.


This is a place for pictures of real Ficus bonsai trees. If you have any, send us them and they will be published with your copyright and link to your site if necessary.

Ficus bonsai

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