Bonsai trees

The Firethorn bonsai

Latin name

Pyracantha coccinea

Common name



Firethorn is know as a garden bush which grows worldwide. The tree has very nice little leafs and beautiful white flowers. After flowering, this tree produces orange fruits. This tree is recommended for bonsai beginners. Firethorn can be formed easily.

In the gardening world these are often trained to grow up walls or trellises but are just as beautiful when allowed to grow in their natural bush form. They are extremely frost resistant and maintain their foliage throughout the year. The common name of firethorn refers to their brightly coloured berries and of course their thorny branches.




Light: Requires light or half-shade place.

Temperature and exposure

Avoid freezing winds throughout the Winter periods. Otherwise the tree could die. Although they are frost resistant low winter temperatures will have an effect on them so just to be safe it is wise to offer them some form of cover if the temperatures drop below -5 deg C. If taken into a greenhouse through the winter make sure that it is unheated.

Pruning and forming

Cut new sprouts towards the end of Spring. We recommend you to cut the older wood in the beginning of the Spring before the foliation, or towards the end of Summer. Remove bigger leaves on a regular yearly basis. Be careful using the wire. Old wood can break when wiring. And wire can gash into wood.

Soil and replanting

Planting a tree into the bonsai pot should be done when it reaches three years of age; You should consider replanting young trees every two years and replant older trees once every three years. This can be performed in the early spring and use soil which consists of three parts of argillaceous rock, 5 parts of peat, and 2 parts of sand or granulate clay.

Watering and fertilization

Must be watered often throughout the growing season. Water only if temperature is over 0°C during the Winter period. Fertilize every week until the tree finishes flowering. Then start fertilization after the tree produces fruits every two weeks until Autumn.


By fresh seeds in Autumn, by new sprouts in Spring or yearly.


All styles are suitable; Can grow in various sizes.


This is a place for pictures of real Firethorn bonsai trees. If you have any, send us them and they will be published with your copyright and link to your site if necessary.

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