Bonsai trees

The Pomegranate bonsai

Latin name

Punica Granatum

Common name



This tree's origin is Asia and the Mediterranean Sea region. The foliage is a feature in itself with the rich green and polished appearance of the leaves. The pomegranate also produces wonderful flowers which is one of the main reasons for its popularity and the added bonus is the fruits that the pomegranate produces as the blossom matures. The flowers have a beautiful scarlet colouration with the fruit developing a round and yellow colouration. The Pomegranate tree has black seeds and fruits which can be eaten.

Another great reason for its popularity has to be its ability to withstand short periods of drought in the ground although it is not recommended to try this with the pomegranate in a bonsai pot, and it’s ability to stand up to frosty weather but it will need protecting in freezing conditions.


Indoor or outdoor


Light: prefers bright, sunny position. Although this tree can withstand frosty conditions it is advised to bring it indoors during freezing weather.

Temperature and exposure

Place the tree in a cooler position during the Autumn but make sure it still gets whatever sunlight is available at the time. The temperature must be higher than 8°C. Return it to it's place as the Spring comes.

Pruning and forming

Long sprouts should be cut and wiring is recommended for young trees only (2-3 years old specimens). The wire should be used for 4 months, not longer.

Soil and replanting

Use soil from 4 parts of argillaceous rock, 4 parts of peat, 2 parts of sand or granulate clay. Replant the bonsai each 3 years.

Watering and fertilization

The soil should be kept moist but never overwater as the roots can suffer from rot if the excess water was not drained away properly. Water all the way through from Spring to autumn. Fertilize every week from Spring to Autumn. Refrain from using fertiliser for a few weeks directly after re-potting.


Yearly by seeds.


The tree is suitable for all styles except upstanding and broom.


Pomegranate; Punica Granatum bonsai seed

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